Treatment for TMJ Pain

What is TMJ Pain?   

Located in the upper region of the jaw, the Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the skull with the jaw. These joints allow you to perform daily oral functions such as speaking and chewing.  TMJ is one of the major sources of pain and irritation experienced by individuals. If you’re having chewing discomfort, joint lock, tooth pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, and headaches, then you may have a problem affecting the TMJ. In numerous cases, closing or opening the jaw can result in extreme pain.  Morgan Dentistry is experienced in treating TMJ, possessing over 30 years of experience and extensive training in the field.

Morgan Dentistry utilizes advanced methods to treat TMJ dysfunction; cold compresses can alleviate pain for a temporary period while a mouth guard can be used to prevent teeth grinding. The TMJ joint can also be repositioned through advanced technology and the skills of our team.  In general, our team will ensure a result that will eliminate the pain and discomforts of TMJ. After the treatment, you can resume daily activities and get back to enjoying a pain-free lifestyle!